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IVF Success rates at Grace Fertility

Grace Fertility provides the best IVF treatment in Delhi, offering top-notch fertility solutions to couples through state-of-the-art assisted reproductive technology. Our aim, at Grace Fertility, is to assist couples and single mothers to overcome all the roadblocks on their way to parenthood. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors who provide personalized care to each and every patient in the most effective manner. All in all, Grace Fertility is a one-stop solution and affordable IVF centre that can help you materialize your dream of starting a happy healthy family! When it comes to your fertility journey, maximizing outcomes at every step of the process can make the difference of a lifetime. We have a secret formula behind our superior results.




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Why choose Grace Fertility for IVF in Delhi?

  • We specialize in challenging failed IVF cases
  • End-to-end personalized treatment with lifestyle guidance
  • Affordable treatment options with financial assistance.
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    Compassionate team that is there by your side through your journey
  • Immediate medical assistance through virtual consultation
  • We are COVID safe, with strict safety protocols at our centres

Our patients who’ve been #Graced

best infertility specialist in gurgaon

Trying for 3 years, and 2 failed IUI attempts.
Result: 1st IUI success

Dr Reubina mam is incredible. She explained everything to me in a very clear manner. She is very kind and all the staff are always helpful. Am so glad to choose this hospital. This is the best ivf centre in Delhi. All of the staff were patient and helpful. She is so polite to speak with at every appointment and never shows any anger. Thank you very much mam.

infertility specialist

2 failed IVF attempts, ages 35+, low AMH.
Result: 1st IVF success

I m really thankful to Dr. Reubina Singh for helping me to feel the joy of motherhood. It was really a good experience to be treated and be successful and the whole team was ever ready to help at any time that was needed. Complete care is taken of the issue and thoroughly examined until the result is as success. The doctor is very supportive and comforting to me that I felt like discussing each and every minute thing with her. She always listens to me very attentive and I believe each patient is given a very good attempt by the team. I m happy that I was with you for a new happy world Thanks.

– Subashree

fertility specialist

Trying for 1 year with male infertility.
Result: Conceived with natural pregnancy plan

she is very nice and excellent at work, we had so many problems and she sorted out all one by one by taking right decision at right time. After visiting so many hospital and clinic I found this place very friendly and helpful and nobody in clinic never made me feel that I have problem. The doctor and staff is very polite and supportive. Waiting time is also less . I strongly recommend Dr. Reubina Singh because she has perfection in her work. I felt very safe and comfortable and in capable hands. Best and caring staff I have ever encountered. It was a wonderful experience. Thanks to Dr.Reubina Singh for all your support and care and to all staff in your centre

Cost of IVF in Delhi

Rs. 84,000 to Rs. 1,50,000*

Grace Fertility invests in only the best technology and Doctors to ensure the best results and make your journey as comfortable as possible. As a holistic fertility centre, our central goal is to give you the best treatment plan based on your fertility health, avoiding the stress of unnecessary tests, treatments and costs which could impact your success. The cost of IVF treatment varies for each fertility case depending on various factors that include:

Factors  affecting IVF cost:

  • Ovarian Stimulation required
  • Age related fertility factors
  • Egg/Sperm freezing procedures
  • Doctor's Expertise
  • Dedicated Andrologist, and Embryologist

How does IVF work at Grace Fertility

Undergoing IVF treatment is very special and apparently, a very important decision that plays a key role in chalking out your future. Therefore, there are plenty of things that you must consider before deciding which will be the best IVF centre in Delhi for you. Here’s the list to assist you in choosing an apt IVF hospital in Delhi:

  • Make sure that you verify the authenticity behind the claims made by any centre. Online reviews can come in handy here. 
  • Compare the success rate of the fertility clinics and then make the decision. The success rate basically is the measure based on the number of live births. 
  • The experience of the medical team is an utmost important parameter that needs to be considered before making a final call. The success of the treatment majorly depends on the expertise and experience of the doctor, along with other factors including the availability of the appropriate technology at the hospital. 
  • Lastly, the cost of treatment must be considered. Compare the financial estimate of the treatment for various IVF hospitals. However, one must refrain from compromising with quality in exchange for a lower cost. What matters is the quality of the treatment which will determine your chances of getting pregnant, therefore, make a wise and thoughtful decision!

If you are looking for the best IVF hospital in Delhi which provides the best yet cost-effective personalized fertility solutions, Grace Fertility is where your search ceases. Reach out to the expert team of specialists and leap forward towards a happier future!

Individualized Protocols

A “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work in fertility care. We make every egg count, offering minimal stimulation protocols, fresh transfers and recommending egg or embryo banking cycles where appropriate. We never want our patients to feel like a number.

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Fertility Assessment

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Personalized Plan

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Fertility Treatment

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Pregnancy Test

Best IVF doctor in Delhi

Dr. Reubina Singh

Founding M.D., Senior Infertility Specialist

Dr. Reubina is the founder of Grace Fertility and is also known as the wonder baby maker.
She completed her infertility fellowship in Germany and marched back with a mission to normalize infertility and women’s healthcare in India. 
She believes in making healthcare accessible and empowering for everyone. With over 10 years of experience with her work, doctor has been able to formulate a secret formula which she has been using to deliver unbelievable results with conception. 


Grace Fertility is a highly professional and advanced IVF centre that has been part of innumerable happy moments for thousands of people. The team at Grace Fertility entails highly specialized doctors who provide personalized care to the patients. With the help of advanced assisted reproductive technology at Grace Fertility, you can kiss all your worries goodbye. Book your appointment with us and get all the guidance about the treatment. Forget about all the hassle of researching and going through manuals or some web content, seek assistance from an expert, and chalk out a successful plan of starting your family.

In Vitro Fertilization procedure is deemed to be very helpful in successfully conceiving and, eventually, having a healthy baby. IVF procedure has numerous advantages, a few of them are listed below: 

  • IVF increases the chances of older women to conceive which would not have been the case, otherwise. IVF helps you overcome the roadblocks of having low ovarian reserves. 
  • The treatment is highly recommended for women who have damaged or blocked Fallopian tubes. 
  • Women suffering from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) usually struggle to conceive owing to hormonal imbalance and irregular ovulation. IVF treatment increases their chances of a successful pregnancy. 
  • The couples who are failing to conceive for a long time due to several reasons, be it male infertility, menopause, or low egg reserve, IVF is the go-to treatment for them. In the case of women with menopause, an IVF procedure with donor eggs is a viable option. 
  • IVF procedure is nothing short of a miracle to single moms and same-sex partners as it helps them overcome all the obstacles in starting or extending a family. 
  • With IVF, one can also cryopreserve the eggs for future use. This allows the couples to have a baby at their convenience and time availability. 

In case you wish to consult a renowned expert, feel free to reach out to the team at Grace Fertility, the best IVF centre in Delhi. 

There are a myriad of centres for IVF treatment in Delhi that provide fertility solutions with advanced technology and personalized care. The success rate of the IVT treatment varies from case to case. Various factors like age, reproductive health, or embryo quality contribute to the varied results. However, it is asserted that IVF procedures on women 35 years or under have a higher success rate than those above mid-40s. 

If you wish to increase your chances of having a successful pregnancy, contact the IVF specialists at the best IVF centre in Delhi NCR.

The cost of IVF training depends on various factors like the age of the patient, infertility period, location of the IVF centre, expertise of the doctor, risk involved, etc. However, the average cost for each cycle in Delhi varies between 1,00,000 and 2,50,000. The additional tests and medicines can escalate the cost of the treatment. Surgical procedures such as Frozen Embryo transfer can increase the cost of the treatment by a considerable amount.

Grace Fertility is a highly professional IVF centre that has been part of innumerable happy moments of more than 10,000 couples so far. The team at Grace Fertility entails highly skilled IVF specialists who provide personalized and customized care to the patients. With the help of advanced assisted reproductive technology at Grace Fertility, you can get rid of all the roadblocks on your way towards a happier future. Book your appointment with the expert and get all the support you need.

In general, 8 to 10 eggs are retrieved for IVF procedure from a female body. Ultimately, it is the age of the eggs that matters. A high-quality egg is better than 15 poor-quality eggs! Given that women are born with all the eggs that they can have in a lifetime, the number of eggs keeps decreasing and the quality of the eggs degrades as women grow old. This is one of the reasons why IVF treatment is more successful before the mid-40s. 

For getting your queries answered, contact the renowned team of IVF specialists at the best IVF clinic in Delhi

There are a plethora of the best IVF hospitals in Delhi. Often, it gets very arduous to choose one among them. However, one must be very careful when choosing an IVF clinic. Here’s a list you must go through before making a final call: 

  • Read the reviews online and consult with your acquaintances who have undergone a similar treatment.
  • Visit the website of the IVF centre to check the authenticity of the services promised by it. Also, verify the experience of the doctors at the centre. 
  • It is always advised to visit the centre and consult the doctor before starting the treatment. This will allow you to have a sneak peek into how your overall experience would be. 
  • Compare the cost of the procedure and weigh all the parameters such as qualification and experience of the doctor, the success rate of the centre or number of live births on an average, etc. 

If you are looking for the best test tube baby centre in Delhi, Grace Fertility is your answer. Do not take our words for it, book your appointment and see for yourself!

The cost of the IVF treatment depends on various factors like location, the risk involved in the treatment based on age and infertility duration. If you are looking for the best IVF centre in South Delhi, it can cost you comparatively higher than other parts of the capital as the quality of the treatment and experience of the doctors here is considerably higher than the others. On average, one cycle of the treatment will cost you around 1 lakh to 2.5 lakh, non-inclusive of the medicines and additional tests. However, some IVF clinics cover the medication in the overall treatment cost itself. 

Grace Fertility is a highly specialized IVF clinic in Delhi with advanced technology and renowned professionals. Book your appointment to seek help, hassle-free!

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