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Kids or no kids, find out how fertile you are in 1 day.

Whether you’re trying for kids right now, thinking of trying soon, or are just curious about your fertility health, our fertility specialists take you through your results the very same day. We want you to have options and understand the importance of time. We’ve designed a comprehensive fertility assessment programme tailored to your needs.

We do not make you wait.


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We’ve designed time slots keeping in mind every part of your process. You can choose a time slot that fits your schedule.


Get tested in your jammies

Our phlebotomist visits your home as per your chosen time slot and collects the necessary samples while ensuring that you’re comfortable.


Sample Testing 123!

Our senior andrologist and chief pathologist work on analyzing your samples and prepare your report. Everything is done by WHO standards.


Meet our fertility specialist

Our senior fertility specialist performs your pelvis ultrasound, adds the required value to your reports and puts your fertility score in front of you. She will also talk to you about your options.

What you get with your OneDay comprehensive fertility assessment

Semen Analysis (M)

Done by our expert Andrologist we check for sperm count, sperm motility, and sperm morphology to diagnose any male fertility issues

Blood Test (F)

Our specialist Phlebotomist visits you at home for a quick blood sample. We test for AMH, FSH, TSH and Prolactin for input on any female fertility issues

TVS Ultrasound (F)

Our fertility specialist will conduct a trans-vaginal ultrasound to check for your AFC (Antral Follicle Count) and ovarian reserve

Tubal Ultrasound - SSG (F)

Our fertility specialist performs this test to detect any anomalies in your fallopian tubes. Simple saline is inserted in your uterine cavity under ultrasound scanning

Comprehensive Report

Based on your results, a comprehensive fertility report is generated for you to return with a thorough idea about your fertility


Consultation with our Senior Fertility specialist

Dr. Reubina Singh is our wonder baby maker who is known for her unique approach and methods. She’s on a mission to normalize infertility and make healthcare accessible for all. She is progressive and nonjudgmental, you’ll always find a friend in her.

OneDay Fertility packages (24hrs)

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