Lonopin Injection in Pregnancy: When to Take, How to Use, When to Stop, and More

Lonopin Pen Injection

Lonopin pen injection is often administered during in-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures to women who are at a greater risk of developing blood clots that could harm the pregnancy, especially to women with a miscarriage history. In this comprehensive article, we will be talking about lonopin injection, including when to take the medication, its uses during […]

IVF Twins: Causes, Chances, Associated Complications and How to Avoid It

IVF twins

What else could be a better feeling than bringing a new life to the world who you could call your own baby? And what else could be more frustrating than putting in your best efforts and still not being able to have a child. Thanks to the medical advancement that has allowed the doctors to […]

Getting Pregnant with Endometriosis Naturally: Is there a way?

Getting Pregnant with Endometriosis Naturally

Are you diagnosed with endometriosis or are you told by your obstetrician that you might be at risk? This article will help you understand the condition and how you can still manage to get pregnant with it, even naturally. This article is a comprehensive guide that talks through endometriosis, how it affects female fertility, its […]

Epididymis: Meaning, Anatomy, Function, Disorders and their Treatments


Functional or structural abnormalities of the epididymis (a tube in the testicles that is responsible for transporting and maturing male sperm cells) have a significant impact on a male’s potential to induce conception. In this article, we will be discussing epididymis, its anatomy, function, disorders and their treatments, and how a couple can get pregnant […]

Teratozoospermia: Types, Causes, Diagnosis, Available Treatments and How to get Pregnant


From age and lifestyle to disturbed functioning of the ovaries or testicles, infertility cases in India are escalating rapidly. According to a recent report issued by AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences), about 10-15% couples in India are struggling with some kind of infertility issues. Infertility can be defined as a couple’s incapability to […]

How does Severe Oligospermia Affect Pregnancy Chances and How to Conceive with It?

Chances of Getting Pregnant with Severe Oligospermia

Are you diagnosed with severe oligospermia and worried how it affects your chances of getting pregnant? This article can help. In this comprehensive article, we will be trying to explain oligospermia, how it affects male fertility, its causes, its symptoms, how the condition is diagnosed, what are the chances of pregnancy with severe oligospermia, along […]