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Have you repeatedly tried and failed to conceive for the last few months or years? Trying to make your dream of having a baby come true? Then come to Grace Fertility, the best IVF center in Jammu city. We aim at providing you with the latest and best medical techniques to help you get pregnant. Not only this, we ensure that you are treated with care and compassion, making the infertility treatment journey all the smoother for you.

First of all, you ought to know that facing infertility issues, whether due to female or male factors is a normal thing.

Many couples face such problems, if not always then at least for the initial few months. But when you are unable to conceive after almost a year of having unprotected sex, you should look for treatments options. Again, there are a plethora of solutions, depending on the diagnosis, you can choose any of the following- medicine/ hormonal therapy, IUI (intrauterine insemination) or AI (artificial insemination), ZIFT/GIFT (zygote/gamete intrafallopian transfer), egg/sperm donation, surrogacy, IVF (in-vitro fertilization), and ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection)

IVF is probably the most sought-after treatment option. And though there are many IVF doctors in Jammu, if you live in or near the city, we urge you to come and meet us because we have one of the best success rates. Let us walk you through the IVF journey to help you know what you should expect ahead. Also, we will make a rough estimate of the IVF treatment cost in Jammu.

Success rates at Grace Fertility

When it comes to your fertility journey, maximizing outcomes at every step of the process can make the difference of a lifetime. We have a secret formula behind our superior results.




Naturally Concieved

75 %

IVF Success Rate


Happy Babies

Why choose Grace Fertility for IVF in Jammu?

  • We specialize in challenging failed IVF cases
  • End-to-end personalized treatment with lifestyle guidance
  • Affordable treatment options with financial assistance.
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    Compassionate team that is there by your side through your journey
  • Immediate medical assistance through virtual consultation
  • We are COVID safe, with strict safety protocols at our centres

Cost of IVF in Jammu

Rs. 84,000 to Rs. 1,50,000*

Grace Fertility invests in only the best technology and Doctors to ensure the best results and make your journey as comfortable as possible. As a holistic fertility centre, our central goal is to give you the best treatment plan based on your fertility health, avoiding the stress of unnecessary tests, treatments and costs which could impact your success. The cost of IVF treatment varies for each fertility case depending on various factors that include:

Factors  affecting IVF cost:

  • Ovarian Stimulation required
  • Age related fertility factors
  • Egg/Sperm freezing procedures
  • Doctor's Expertise
  • Dedicated Andrologist, and Embryologist

How does IVF work at Grace Fertility?

It is one of the most effective assisted reproductive techniques (ARTs) which helps couples have a child. As compared to IUI and medical therapy, IVF is a more complex procedure. It begins by giving you medicines to stimulate the ovaries for producing more eggs. A trigger injection causes the eggs to detach from their follicles, making them ready for retrieval. Egg retrieval is done about 34-36 hours after the injection is given. At about the same time, the semen sample is also taken from the male partner. Now begins the process of fertilizing the eggs and sperm. The egg and sperm samples are washed and laid in a glass petri dish in close vicinity for an entire night in an incubator (to facilitate fertilization by simulating the uterus). The next day, your doctor will check the fertilization percentage, normally, about 60% of the eggs should be fertilized (if less, the doctor might suggest ICSI as it involves manually fertilizing the eggs with sperms). The resulting embryos are then tested for health and quality, the best one is picked and transplanted into the female partner’s uterus using a catheter. 

If you wish to save some embryos for future IVF cycles (might be helpful if the present cycle fails), you can do so by using our cryopreservation facility. If not, you can simply donate them or even discard them. Once the transplantation is done, you have to take care of yourself just like you do in a natural pregnancy. After 14 days of transplantation, you will take on the pregnancy test to know if the IVF cycle was a success.

Individualized Protocols

A “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work in fertility care. We make every egg count, offering minimal stimulation protocols, fresh transfers and recommending egg or embryo banking cycles where appropriate. We never want our patients to feel like a number.

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Fertility Assessment

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Personalized Plan

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Fertility Treatment

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Pregnancy Test

When to choose IVF?

As tempting as it might be for you to think of IVF as your first solution for infertility, it is not the first resort. Simpler techniques like IUI should be tried before going to IVF. But there are some conditions where IVF becomes a necessity, they include:

Ovulation Disorders

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Diminished Ovarian Reserve

Premature Ovarian Failure

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Fallopian Tube Damage

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  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • Unknown factors leading to infertility
  • Very low sperm count or sperm motility
  • A condition and its treatment method (like cancer treatment) that reduces your fertility over time, so you need to preserve eggs/embryos for the future use
  • Genetic disease that might pass on to the child
  • If the uterine environment is hostile to the sperms/ embryo and you need a surrogate

All these conditions require you to seek IVF. If you’re suffering from any of these, you should see an IVF doctor in Jammu for help. 

Risks involved in IVF Treatment

Although IVF is a successful and efficient treatment option, it might have some risks associated. But it’s mostly because of carelessness on the part of the doctor, otherwise, IVF is considered a safe procedure. Some potential risks are-

  • Birth of a premature and underweight baby
  • A slightly higher risk of miscarriage (especially in women who’ve had miscarriages before)
  • Multiple births (like twins) is possible, due to the transplantation of more than 1 embryos
  • Rarely, someone might experience an ectopic pregnancy, that is, growth of the embryo outside the uterus which leads to IVF failure
  • Occasionally, drugs used for ovarian stimulation can cause ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome which is a painful condition. However, the symptoms should not last for more than a couple of weeks

There was a myth related to IVF that it leads to an increased susceptibility to cancer which has been busted. And even the above-mentioned risks are a rarity in practice, so you can be confident about undergoing IVF.

Final words from our IVF experts

To make the IVF path easier for you, we looked at how it is done, who needs it, what is the IVF cost in Jammu, and what may be the risks. All in all, it is an excellent option for couples struggling with infertility. We recommend you choose from among the top IVF centers in Jammu as it will not only give you a better chance of conceiving but also, provide you with comprehensive care. Lastly, talk to your physician about the expenses as only they can tell what procedures you will need for a successful IVF cycle.

IVF doctor in Jammu

Visit the best IVF doctor in Jammu

Dr. Reubina Singh

Founding M.D., Senior Infertility Specialist

Dr. Reubina is the founder of Grace Fertility and is also known as the wonder baby maker.
She completed her infertility fellowship in Germany and marched back with a mission to normalize infertility and women’s healthcare in India. 
She believes in making healthcare accessible and empowering for everyone. With over 10 years of experience with her work, doctor has been able to formulate a secret formula which she has been using to deliver unbelievable results with conception. 

Our patients who’ve been #Graced

best infertility specialist in gurgaon

Trying for 3 years, and 2 failed IUI attempts.
Result: 1st IUI success

Dr Reubina mam is incredible. She explained everything to me in a very clear manner. She is very kind and all the staff are always helpful. Am so glad to choose this hospital. This is the best ivf centre in Jammu. All of the staff were patient and helpful. She is so polite to speak with at every appointment and never shows any anger. Thank you very much mam.

infertility specialist

2 failed IVF attempts, ages 35+, low AMH.
Result: 1st IVF success

I m really thankful to Dr. Reubina Singh for helping me to feel the joy of motherhood. It was really a good experience to be treated and be successful and the whole team was ever ready to help at any time that was needed. Complete care is taken of the issue and thoroughly examined until the result is as success. The doctor is very supportive and comforting to me that I felt like discussing each and every minute thing with her. She always listens to me very attentive and I believe each patient is given a very good attempt by the team. I m happy that I was with you for a new happy world Thanks.

– Subashree

fertility specialist

Trying for 1 year with male infertility.
Result: Conceived with natural pregnancy plan

she is very nice and excellent at work, we had so many problems and she sorted out all one by one by taking right decision at right time. After visiting so many hospital and clinic I found this place very friendly and helpful and nobody in clinic never made me feel that I have problem. The doctor and staff is very polite and supportive. Waiting time is also less . I strongly recommend Dr. Reubina Singh because she has perfection in her work. I felt very safe and comfortable and in capable hands. Best and caring staff I have ever encountered. It was a wonderful experience. Thanks to Dr.Reubina Singh for all your support and care and to all staff in your centre

Where to find us

Grace Fertility Jammu
513- C, Sector-C, Sainik Colony
Jammu and Kashmir 180011

(91) 92053 43116


IVF is one of the several assisted reproductive techniques (ARTs) that is used to treat both male and female factor infertility. A basic IVF cycle includes the following steps: ovarian stimulation to produce a large number of eggs, egg retrieval, semen sample collection, fertilization of the eggs and sperms in the laboratory, transferring a superior quality embryo into the mother’s womb, and a pregnancy test to ensure the result. 

Women with blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, PCOS, poor egg quality, and men having low sperm count or low sperm mobility problems can seek IVF. It may also help single mothers and same-sex couples have babies. Lastly, if the baby can inherit a deadly genetic disease from their mother, IVF is the only option that can save the baby.

Ans- For choosing the best IVF facility, you may go through the list of services each center is offering you. Also, testimonials will help you know if a center is efficient and trustworthy. Lastly, make sure that their financial policies are transparent and easy so that you don’t face any problems in the future. Grace Fertility is one of the best IVF centers in Jammu and it will help you smoothly navigate the infertility treatment path.

If you have tried the other treatment options like hormonal therapy, IUI, etc., and they’ve failed to give results, maybe it’s time to try IVF. Also, certain health conditions like blocked fallopian tubes and low sperm count/ motility also require you to undergo IVF. Make sure to consult an IVF doctor before you come to any conclusion though.

A basic IVF treatment in Jammu might cost you about Rs 85000. However, if you have additional complications and your doctor thinks you’ll need advanced treatment options like ICSI or IMSI, the cost will cross 1.5 lakh. Ultimately, the cost will depend on your condition and thus, may vary a little from one case to another.

Yes, we provide a zero-interest EMI option at our clinic for IVF treatment.

Not at all! When done by expert healthcare professionals, IVF is a largely painless procedure. However, negligence on the doctor’s part can lead to certain conditions like ovarian hyperstimulation which is painful. Also, some common, short-term side effects of IVF treatment can be bloating, cramping, headaches, and mood swings.

Definitely yes. Most couples conceive after multiple IVF cycles (3-6 cycles), therefore, one or two failures don’t mean that you can’t conceive. Sort the difficulties out by talking to your doctor, and if finance is not an issue, try again. Lastly, many couples conceive naturally after several failed IVF attempts, so that’s another silver lining.

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