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For many, the path to parenthood is not always how they may have envisioned, especially after experiencing a long road of infertility. Surrogacy happens to be that ray of hope in the life of childless couples.

Giving birth does not make you a mother, you earn that title by giving your child unconditional love, care and nurturing.

How does Surrogacy work?

In Gestational surrogacy, a surrogate or a gestational carrier does not have a genetic tie to the child she carries.
The intended patents undergo in-vitro fertilisation to form embryos which are transferred to the surrogate. In certain circumstances one of the intended parent(s) will contribute their egg or sperm but a donor sperm or donor egg or even a donated embryo is used in the process.

How is it done?

Your Surrogacy process begins with an in-clinic consultation with our fertility specialist

Step 1

Choosing your surrogate

We will be sharing a database of women from surrogate agencies who would be willing to carry your embryo full term.

Step 2

Surrogate's Fertility assessment

Once you’ve chosen a surrogate, we will bring them in for a fertility evaluation. This helps us put together a thorough plan to understand where she stands, if she is suitable and what will be needed to prepare her womb for a successful and healthy gestation.

Step 3


Once you have finalised your surrogate and she clears the health checks, a legal attorney will be involved to draw up a contract between Grace Fertility, the intended parents and the surrogate.

Step 4

IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization)

Meanwhile, we will get started on your IVF procedure to form your biological embryos.
Learn more here.

Step 5

Womb Preparation

We will put the surrogate on medication to prepare her endometrial lining so that once the embryo is transferred, the implantation is successful.

Step 6

Embryo Transfer

Your embryo that was created through IVF, will be transferred into the surrogate’s uterus. This is a quick 5-10 minute non surgical procedure.

Step 7

Pregnancy Test

2 weeks after the embryo transfer, we will test the surrogate for pregnancy to ensure the embryo has implanted and has started growing into a foetus.

Step 8

Regular Checkups

Throughout the 9-month gestation of the surrogate, we will be monitoring her closely every 10 days to ensure the health of your child.

Step 9


The surrogate will deliver the baby under our supervision at a hospital of your choice and the child will immediately be handed over to you.

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You should always be in a position where you have options on your hand instead of irreversible consequences. 

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