Teratozoospermia: Types, Causes, Diagnosis, Available Treatments and How to get Pregnant


From age and lifestyle to disturbed functioning of the ovaries or testicles, infertility cases in India are escalating rapidly. According to a recent report issued by AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences), about 10-15% couples in India are struggling with some kind of infertility issues. Infertility can be defined as a couple’s incapability to […]

How does Severe Oligospermia Affect Pregnancy Chances and How to Conceive with It?

Chances of Getting Pregnant with Severe Oligospermia

Are you diagnosed with severe oligospermia and worried how it affects your chances of getting pregnant? This article can help. In this comprehensive article, we will be trying to explain oligospermia, how it affects male fertility, its causes, its symptoms, how the condition is diagnosed, what are the chances of pregnancy with severe oligospermia, along […]

White Spots on Cervix: What are they, What to Do, When to Worry?

White spot on cervix

Are you diagnosed to have small white spots, bumps or pimples on your cervix during routine examination? What are they? What can you do? And, when do you need to worry? These opaque whitish or yellowish spots, bumps or pimples are a type of cysts that is common in childearing women. This article comprehensively explains […]

Bad Obstetric History (BOH): Diagnosis, Contributing Factors and Available Treatments

Bad Obstetric History

Do you have a bad obstetric history? Are you trying to have a baby and failing consecutively? This article is a helpful comprehensive guide with an in-depth explanation of the bad obstetric history (BOH) profile, its classification, causing factors, diagnosis and available treatments. What is Bad Obstetric History (BOH)? Bad Obstetric History, more commonly known […]

Fallopian Tube Blockage: Signs, Reasons, Treatments and Getting Pregnant with It

Fallopian Tube Blockage

What is fallopian tube blockage? Does it have an effect on your fertility? In this comprehensive article, we will be trying to explain fallopian tubes, tubal blockage, its signs, reasons, effect on fertility, diagnosis, available treatments, and if it is possible to get pregnant with blocked fallopian tubes. This article will also include an in-depth […]

HCG Injection for Pregnancy: Everything You Might Want to Know

HCG Injection for Pregnancy

What is hCG? How is hCG linked with pregnancy? What do hCG injections do for and/or during pregnancy? When to take hCG and when not to? Does it have any side effects? What if even HCG injections do not work out? This comprehensive article discusses them all. This article contains every information about HCG that […]

How to Get Pregnant with Ovarian Cysts

How to Get Pregnant with Ovarian Cysts

Couples who are trying to conceive ensure that they are following all the recommendations by doctors, family, and friends to maximize their chances of conceiving. Though some of these suggestions are effective, some may help the couple lead an overall healthy lifestyle to enhance their health, thereby positively impacting fertility. However, it is essential to […]

How to Increase Low AMH Levels for a Healthy Pregnancy?

how to increase low amh level

Does your AMH blood test show that you have low AMH levels? What does it mean? And, does it affect your chances of becoming pregnant? This article will help you find out. Below, we will be explaining what AMH is, how AMH and fertility are connected, what causes low AMH, if pregnancy is possible with […]