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Infertility is not an uncommon problem, in fact, it distresses many couples of reproductive age. It is medically defined as the inability to conceive after 12 months (or more) of unprotected sex. It can be a disease of both the male and female reproductive systems, depending on the diagnosis, infertility has to be treated. There are a number of assisted conception treatment techniques available like IUI (intrauterine insemination), GIFT (gamete intrafallopian transfer), and IVF (in-vitro fertilization). IVF has become a popular and successful way of conceiving, thanks to modern scientific research studies. However, there are a few things to consider while going for IVF treatment and one of the biggest concerns usually are the expenses. If you live in or near Gurgaon and are looking for the cost of IVF treatment in Gurgaon, look no further. We will discuss at length all its aspects, including IVF treatment cost. But first, let us cover the basics of in-vitro fertilization.

What is IVF?

IVF is the short-form for In-Vitro-Fertilization. It involves a series of procedures to achieve fertilization of the male and female gonads in the laboratory, form an embryo, and then transplant it in the uterus. IVF is the most effective assisted reproductive technology (ART) and can be used to treat infertility and/or prevent genetic diseases. IVF involves both medical and surgical procedures. It begins by taking medicines to stimulate ovulation which increases the number and size of the follicles. Next, a trigger injection is administered to aid eggs’ maturation and detach them from the follicle walls. The next step, that is egg retrieval, has to be done after 34-36 hours of administering the trigger injection. On the same day, your partner will give his semen sample. Then the doctor will artificially fertilize the eggs with the sperms (by placing them in an incubator overnight). Two to four days after egg retrieval, the embryo is planted in the uterus (only one embryo is transferred generally). One may choose to preserve a few more embryos by vitrifying them, they can be used in the subsequent cycles. Of course, opting to preserve embryos will increase the IVF cost but it will ensure future convenience. There is a 14 days long luteal phase between the implantation and pregnancy test where one has to have a good diet and proper rest. Lastly, a pregnancy test is done to know the final result.

Who should consider IVF Treatment?

IVF is usually not the first option for couples seeking infertility solutions. Here are some conditions that make IVF an ideal treatment option for you:

  • If you have blocked or damaged fallopian tubes
  • If you have used any other infertility treatment and haven’t been successful in conceiving or if the cause of infertility is not clear
  • If you have an ovulation disorder
  • Women over 40 years of age are offered IVF as a primary treatment method
  • If a man has a low sperm count or low sperm mobility or abnormal sperm shape (these conditions may require another procedure called ICSI or intracytoplasmic sperm injection)
  • If you want to preserve eggs/ embryos for future use prior to commencing chemotherapy or radiation therapy which might affect your fertility
  • If you’re unfit for conceiving and hence need a surrogate (i.e., gestational carrier)

Cost of IVF at Grace Fertility

Rs. 84,000 to Rs. 1,50,000*

Now that we have talked about how the procedure is done and who can get it done, let us look at the financial aspect of IVF. First, you need to know about the various factors that affect the pricing. depending on various factors that include:

Factors  affecting IVF cost:

  • Initial consultancy sessions may be charged anywhere between Rs. 500 and Rs. 1500 which will add to the IVF treatment cost
  • The laboratory charges are crucial as it is where most of the work will take place. Various lab tests like blood tests, semen analysis, etc., are vital. It may be between Rs. 3000 and Rs. 10,000
  • If you (or your partner) have additional complications, you may need other treatments like IUI or ICSI. This will increase the IVF cost by about Rs. 3000 or 1.5 lakhs, respectively
  • The number of IVF cycles required will also eventually increase the treatment cost. On average, most couples need 3 IVF cycles to achieve the desired result
  • Ultrasound test(s) are conducted to evaluate the internal condition of the woman at several stages of the IVF process. An ultrasound test may cost you Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000
  • Hormonal injections and medications may be required to induce ovulation which will add to your bill. They may be priced from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 5000
  • In case you wish to preserve embryos or eggs and later, undergo FET (frozen embryo implantation) cycle(s), that will add an extra 30,000-50,000 to your bill
  • If you undergo an IMSI cycle (used to enhance pregnancy rate in IVF treatment), you will have to pay an additional Rs. 2-2.5 lakhs. It will ensure the selection of highly matured sperm cells for fertilization
  • If you are unable to conceive for some health risk and need a surrogate, or you are unable to produce eggs and need an egg donor, or your partner cannot produce sperms, you will require a sperm donor, then the total price will rise by Rs. 50,000 to 1 lakh
  • The age of the woman, her fertility/ menstrual cycle, and the cause of infertility can have an influence on the cost. The younger the woman, the higher will be the chances of success and the lower will be the cost

As you can see, the more advanced and complicated treatment techniques you use, the more the cost will rise. The general IVF treatment price in Gurgaon will range between Rs. 84,000 and Rs. 1,50,000. If you need more advanced procedures, the cost will be closer to the upper range and if the basic IVF procedure suffices, you’ll need to pay less.

What is the success rate of IVF treatment and are there any risks involved?

Generally, the global success rate for IVF treatment is about 30-40%. But the rate in Gurgaon is better, pegged at about 50-80%, depending on the individual cases. Remember, the younger you are, the more will be your chances of success. Although IVF is a largely safe process, there are some risks and side effects involved, as in all medical procedures. Some side effects include:

IVF Success Rates at Grace Fertility:




Naturally Concieved

75 %

IVF Success Rate


Happy Babies

Possible IVF side effects:

  • Cramping
  • Bloating
  • Headaches
  • Bruising from injection shots
  • Mood swings
  • Breast tenderness
  • Bleeding
  • Allergic reaction to any of the medicines
  • Infection

Possible IVF risks:

  • Premature delivery (baby is born early) and low birth weight (baby weighs less than normal when born)
  • The miscarriage rate may be high in women who have conceived via the IVF process, this is especially true for older women
  • Multiple births, that is, multiple fetuses can be a result of implanting more than one embryo which will increase the risk of premature delivery
  • About 2-5% of women who use IVF will experience an ectopic pregnancy. In this condition, the embryo is implanted outside the uterus, generally in the fallopian tubes where it fails to survive
  • In older mothers, IVF might increase the risk of birth defects (although more research needs to be done in this area)
  • During the egg retrieval process, the aspirating needle can cause bleeding which may develop an infection or damage the bowel, a blood vessel, or bladder.
  • Injections that are used to stimulate ovulation can lead to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome which can make the ovaries swollen and painful. However, the symptoms usually don’t last more than a few weeks
  • Earlier studies had suggested that IVF may increase the risk of contracting cancer, however, more recent studies deny such links

Lastly, there is always emotional and physical stress associated with the IVF process. Therefore, the support of family and friends is of the utmost importance for the couple undergoing IVF.

In conclusion about IVF

In-vitro fertilization (IVF) has become a popular treatment option for couples facing infertility issues. But before you decide to undergo this procedure, you should consult a doctor and know all possible solutions to your problem. In case you’ve tried other solutions and failed to conceive or diagnosis reveals that IVF is necessary, only then go for it. It can be a financial drain because on average, IVF treatment in Gurgaon requires you to spend about 1 lakh. The cost may be higher if you want to take other services like IUI, ICSI, or IMSI. If you want a sperm/ egg donor or a surrogate, you’ll have to pay for those as well. Therefore, the ultimate IVF cost will depend on these factors, aside from your age and fertility cycle. But the success rate of IVF in Gurgaon is pretty high and you can opt for it if you find all the other factors suitable.  

Our patients who’ve been #Graced

best infertility specialist in gurgaon

Trying for 3 years, and 2 failed IUI attempts.
Result: 1st IUI success

Dr Reubina mam is incredible. She explained everything to me in a very clear manner. She is very kind and all the staff are always helpful. Am so glad to choose this hospital. This is the best ivf centre in Delhi. All of the staff were patient and helpful. She is so polite to speak with at every appointment and never shows any anger. Thank you very much mam.

infertility specialist

2 failed IVF attempts, ages 35+, low AMH.
Result: 1st IVF success

I m really thankful to Dr. Reubina Singh for helping me to feel the joy of motherhood. It was really a good experience to be treated and be successful and the whole team was ever ready to help at any time that was needed. Complete care is taken of the issue and thoroughly examined until the result is as success. The doctor is very supportive and comforting to me that I felt like discussing each and every minute thing with her. She always listens to me very attentive and I believe each patient is given a very good attempt by the team. I m happy that I was with you for a new happy world Thanks.

– Subashree

fertility specialist

Trying for 1 year with male infertility.
Result: Conceived with natural pregnancy plan

she is very nice and excellent at work, we had so many problems and she sorted out all one by one by taking right decision at right time. After visiting so many hospital and clinic I found this place very friendly and helpful and nobody in clinic never made me feel that I have problem. The doctor and staff is very polite and supportive. Waiting time is also less . I strongly recommend Dr. Reubina Singh because she has perfection in her work. I felt very safe and comfortable and in capable hands. Best and caring staff I have ever encountered. It was a wonderful experience. Thanks to Dr.Reubina Singh for all your support and care and to all staff in your centre


On average, you’ll be required to spend about Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 2.5 lakhs for IVF in Gurgaon. The basic standard IVF treatment will cost you less and the more advanced procedures, either to ensure pregnancy or to treat other conditions, will cost more.

As you know, no medical procedure can be 100% safe, there is always some possibility of facing side effects. The medicines involved may make you nauseous, or cause mood swings, bleeding, cramps, etc. Also, there is a considerable risk of having multiple births, premature delivery, birth defects, and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Make sure you talk to your doctor about all this in advance.

Considering that approximately 70% of the IVF treatments fail, this is not an unreasonable question to ask. Some clinics may offer you the chance to pay upfront for the IVF package and refund in case of failure. However, it’s a gamble because you may not need all those treatment options that are included in the package, so you’ll have paid extra for services you didn’t even use. But if you do need them, you have got them at a discount! You need to enquire about the failed treatment costs with each individual clinic to know if they provide any such option or not.

Gurgaon is the best place to realize your parental dreams as the prices here are considerably lower than what IVF treatment in western countries will cost. Moreover, the success rate of IVF in this city is quite close to 80%, making it one of the best cities in India to get this treatment. Lastly, world-class doctors will ensure that you have a positive and fulfilling experience.

For most couples, the entire treatment (one IVF cycle)takes about a month to a month and a half to finish. However, the preparatory phase may take some more days and subsequent IVF cycles will add more weeks to the treatment time. So, the IVF treatment time will depend on the individual case.


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