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One of the most pressing taboos in the Indian community happens to be Infertility.
Dr. Reubina Singh, Senior fertility specialist & founding MD, Grace Fertility has set out on a mission to normalize infertility & support people seeking fertility treatments. 

Dr. Singh believes, infertility is a health condition like any other health condition that can be treated or worked around. The stigma around it deprives individuals of societal acceptance or support needed to overcome the condition. This takes a staggering toll on the individual’s life & mental health. They often isolate themselves & don’t seek medical treatment afraid of the judgement that follows infertility. 

ImWoW is a fitness & nutrition community driven to make a unique transformational journey for the user by providing: holistic, empathetic, sustainable & empowering plans curated by experts to ensure prompt results. 
When you think fitness it’s not just your body, it’s your mental health too and the program focuses on helping you achieve a can do mindset along with a fit body. 

The current lifestyle trends have made fertility a rising concern amongst masses. Obesity caters to 30% of the infertility pool. Problems like irregular periods, ovulation disorders, low sperm count, low spent motility etc. have become extremely common due to this.

I do not want to do IVF for people. The problem is that the entire fertility healthcare system is broken. The only time people wake up about fertility is when they’re trying for a baby and face trouble conceiving. Whatever options the doctor suggests then aren’t immediately acted upon, people still keep trying naturally without proper information. Fertility is like a ticking time bomb and by the time people are ready for fertility treatments, there’s not much the doctor can do other than perform advanced fertility treatments like IVF, IVF with donor egg/sperm, ICSI etc.
I do not want anyone to be in a position where these are their only options to build a family.

– Dr. Reubina Singh

In partnership with ImWoW, Dr. Reubina Singh plans on tackling the problem at its very root by proving early guidance on lifestyle & fertility problems.

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