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semen analysis test in gurgaon

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What is a Semen Analysis Test?

If you want semen analysis test in Gurgaon, first you have to understand, Semen Analysis Test is undertaken or is advised by experts to get tested in case of a fertility problem or three months post-vasectomy to confirm the success of the surgery.

Often the test is prescribed by the doctor to the male among the couples who are planning to undergo any fertility treatment. The semen analysis test measures not only the volume but also the quality of the semen fluid produced by a male during ejaculation. It evaluates the seminal fluid/liquid as well as the microscopic reproductive cells called sperm. This male fertility test examines a sample of semen under a microscope to evaluate factors such as sperm count, activity or motility, and shape or morphology of the sperm cells among many other parameters. Semen is actually a whitish fluid that contains reproductive cells called sperm along with products like proteins, enzymes, lubricants, etc. Sperm are motile cells that have a head that contains genetic information, a midsection, and a tail that helps them to swim through the female reproductive system to fertilize the egg.

What does the Semen Analysis Test measure?

When to take a Semen Analysis Test?

The sample of semen varies between 1.5 mm and 5.5 mm.

The test also measures the number of immature sperm cells in the semen along with the vitality.

Consistency or thickness of sperm in the seminal fluid

The test measures the acidity levels of the fluid.

 it measures the percent of sperm that are able to move as well as it records the characteristics of their movement, like virility, direction, etc.

The test determines the number of sperm that are defective in terms of size and shape.

It is a sugar that provides energy and supports sperm.

Number of white blood cells in the sample in order to check the signs for indications of inflammation.

Other factors like Coagulation and liquefaction timing among the sperm: The test measures how quickly the seminal fluid turns into liquid upon cooling. 

sperm count test in gurgaon
semen analysis test gurgaon

When to take a Semen Analysis Test?

The Semen Analysis Test is often prescribed by fertility experts before initiating any fertility treatment for couples. Besides that, it is recommended by health practitioners to the males who have undergone a vasectomy.  

To confirm the success of the vasectomy procedure: 

A Semen Analysis test is undertaken by individuals to make sure no sperm is present in their semen after the procedure. Doctors generally recommend this test to individuals after three months of their vasectomy operation. The vasectomy procedure involves cutting and sealing the tubes that are responsible for sending sperm from the testicles to the penis. It is considered as one of the permanent forms of birth control. 

To test for male infertility: 

The test is often recommended by doctors to couples who face fertility-related problems. The Semen Analysis test helps doctors to determine the causes of male infertility. The test will also help determine the reason behind male infertility whether the low sperm count or sperm DNA fragmentation or other dysfunction is responsible for it. 

How is Semen Analysis Test done?

There are several important steps that determine the success of this evaluation test. Each pretest step and the ones while collecting the sample requires utmost diligence.

sperm test gurgaon

There are several things to be considered before going for the test. In order to get the best sample:

  • One must avoid ejaculating for 24 – 72 hours before giving the sample for the test.
  • Alcohol, Smoking, intake of caffeine, and harmful drugs must be avoided at all costs for at least 2 – 5 days before the test.
  • One must abstain from taking any alternative medications like herbal medicines, etc before giving the sample. 
  • One must abstain from consuming any hormonal medications before the test. 
  • In the case of post-vasectomy test, it is advised by the doctors to the males to have regular ejaculations, twice or thrice a week, in order to get rid of sperm from the reproductive tract. 
  • It is always advised to consult your doctor to know about the test prerequisites in detail.

The semen sample must be provided in a precise manner as suggested by the healthcare provider for a semen analysis test. Majorly, the sample is collected via four methods: self-stimulation, intercourse using a condom, withdrawing before ejaculating during intercourse, and ejaculation as a result of electrical stimulation. Although, the self-stimulation method or Masturbation is considered to be the most preferred method to get a clean and accurate sample for the test. It must be noted here that semen must be examined within an hour of ejaculation in order to maintain the accuracy of the test, therefore, most laboratories on-site sample collection. 

There are various other things that must be kept in mind while giving the sample for semen analysis test: 

  • In some instances, some individuals might refrain from giving samples through self-stimulation methods, possibly due to religious reasons. They must use a condom provided by the doctor if they wish to collect semen during the act of intercourse as other lubricated condoms can affect the evaluation results. 
  • In the case of home collection, one must make sure that the sample is kept at room temperature by keeping it near to the body during transportation of the sample. It must be noted that the sample should not be kept at body temperature for a longer period of time. One must refrain from refrigerating the sample. 
  • The Mobility and motility of the sperm depend on the parameters like time and temperature. Notably, after ejaculation, the motility of sperm decreases.

Following are the factors that negatively affect the evaluation of the test:

  • Lab technician errors include mishandling of the samples while collecting or evaluating them. 
  • Contamination of the semen sample such as the use of lubricant condoms, etc. 
  • If an interval since the previous ejaculation is short, the result of the evaluation is more prone to errors or inaccurate conclusions. 
  • The delay in time between providing the semen sample and evaluating the sample in the lab.
  • Recent illnesses like flu or a fever, or even a stressful condition can temporarily lower the sperm count.
  • Other factors such as physical damage to the testicles or exposure to the radiation treatment of testicles or certain drugs can be responsible for low sperm counts.

Semen Analysis tests can be done at home but the results are limited to the sperm count. Sperm motility or shape can not be assessed using the test at home. Usually results from at-home Sperm Analysis tests are available within ten minutes. However, caution must be practiced when understanding the results from testing semen at home. Since the at-home tests do not evaluate all the parameters, a normal or above normal sperm count i.e., above 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen from a home test does not necessarily mean that a man is free from infertility-related issues or is 100 percent fertile. Therefore, it is advised to consult a medical professional to get a more comprehensive evaluation of your fertility.

Semen Analysis Test Procedure

A semen analysis test is often known as the sperm count test in a layman term. Semen analysis in the laboratory begins with a physical examination of the sample, including determining the pH, volume, viscosity, and appearance of the sample.

  1. The volume of semen is measured by a graduated pipette.
  2. The pH value is measured by pH test paper and will increase over time.
  3. Semen viscosity is evaluated by estimating the length of the line formed when a drop of semen is released from the pipette. After the semen is liquefied, a drop of semen is placed on a glass slide and examined under a microscope.

The main sperm parameters to be determined now are motility, concentration, morphology, and motility. The semen analysis calculator is also helpful for this. Sperm concentration is measured by volume dilution and sperm counting by hemocytometer.

  1. Sperm motility is assessed by the dye exclusion test. Dead cells with intact membranes will get dyed in pink/red, while live sperm will show curled tails by the hypotonic swelling test (HOS).
  2. For sperm morphology, we will add 10ul of semen to the glass slide, cover it with a cover glass, and read it at 40X magnification. Hematoxylin-eosin staining was performed on the sperm morphology, the shape and size of the head, neck, and tail were analyzed, and any abnormal sperm were recorded.

Semen is a liquid that contains sperm. It also contains other sugars and protein substances. In addition to microscopic examinations, physical examinations, biochemical examinations, bacteriology, serology, and immunology examinations are also performed.

Semen Analysis Test Procedure

sperm analysis test cost in gurgaon

What does the Semen Analysis test result mean?

semen analysis gurgaon

What does the Semen Analysis test result mean?

The number of sperm in a normal semen analysis should be between 20 million and more than 200 million. This result is also called sperm density. If this number is low, pregnancy may be more difficult.

The normal result of sperm shape is that more than 50% of sperm are normal. If a man has more than 50% of his sperm shape abnormal, this will reduce his fertility. The laboratory may find abnormalities in the head, middle, or tail of the sperm. Sperm may also be immature and therefore unable to effectively fertilize the egg. 

To obtain normal results, more than 50% of sperm must move normally within an hour after ejaculation. Sperm movement or motility is important for fertility because sperm must be moved to fertilize an egg. The automated system analyzes the movement of the sperm and scores them on a scale of 0 to 4. A score of 0 means that the sperm is not moving, and a score of 3 or 4 means good movement.

The pH value should be between 7.2 and 7.8 to achieve normal results. A pH higher than 8.0 may indicate that the donor has an infection. A result below 7.0 may indicate that the sample is contaminated or the male ejaculatory duct is blocked. 

The semen volume for normal results should be greater than 2 ml. Low semen volume may indicate that the amount of sperm used to fertilize the egg is low. Excessive fluid volume may also mean that the amount of sperm present is diluted.

It takes 15 to 30 minutes before the semen liquefies. Although semen is initially thick, its ability to liquefy or become a water-like consistency helps sperm to move. If the semen does not liquefy within 15 to 30 minutes, it may affect fertility. 

The appearance of semen should be opalescent and whitish to gray in color. The seminal fluid that gives out a red-brown color possibly indicates the presence of blood, while a yellow tint indicates jaundice or side effects of any medication.

What are the Abnormal results?

An abnormal semen analysis report means that the sperm count is low, or the test results may show poor sperm motility or morphology. The acidity of semen and the presence of white blood cells (indicating infection) may also affect fertility. It is important to note that just a bad result does not mean that a man is infertile. Normal semen analysis may be affected by recent illnesses, anxiety, and various other factors. The doctor will recommend one or two follow-up tests to confirm the test. All parameters of semen analysis should be considered together. If the abnormal result persists after repeating the semen analysis test two or three times, the doctor will recommend some other tests and make some small changes in lifestyle or medication. The latest developments in reproductive medicine have made it possible to treat infertility. If an abnormal report occurs again, consult an andrology expert to learn more about the semen analysis report.

Does sperm count affect IVF success?

Sperm count influences fertility procedures like in vitro treatment (IVF). The success of an IVF procedure with a low sperm count will rely heavily upon the strength of the sperm and also on what variables are causing the low sperm count. The sperm could infuse with the egg through an interaction called intracytoplasmic sperm infusion as it is an alternative in case the man has an extremely low sperm count. The sperm count that is in the normal range or above-normal range has proven to have positive implications for fertility treatments like IVF. 

How much does a Semen analysis test cost?

₹ 700 to Rs. 1,000*

The semen analysis test price varies from place to place and it also depends on the lab you choose. The semen analysis test cost ranges between 700-1000 Indian Rupees. The in-lab semen test cost and at-home test prices also vary. Consult the experts at Grace Fertility and Book your appointment for hassle-free and accurate evaluation.

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sperm analysis test gurgaon

What causes male infertility?

A portion of the normal reasons for male infertility incorporates harm to the testicles from contaminations (like mumps), chemotherapy/radiation, injury or medical procedure, blockage of tubes that carry semen to the penis brought about by scarring from disease or having cystic fibrosis, a varicocele (a broadened assortment of veins in the scrotum that raises the temperature of the gonads, which can prompt low sperm creation), having the hereditary condition like Klinefelter disorder, and anything that brings down levels of the chemicals LH and FSH, like a pituitary growth. Constant ailment, poor health, excessive fat in the body, certain prescriptions, and chronic drug use may likewise diminish production as well as the quality of the sperm. 

A few research studies have highlighted that the sperm quality of men is on the decline. Specialists aren’t totally certain about why this is occurring, however, the way of life and sustenance might be responsible for this degradation. 

The success rate of fertility treatment and pregnancy with a low sperm count will vary depending on the couples’ individual wellbeing. In case one wishes to start a family, there are numerous options at their disposal. However, the initial step is consulting a specialist who can assist with evaluating sperm count and other parameters prior to commencing any treatment for your future, and Grace Fertility, one of the best centers for semen analysis test Gurgaon can offer, is just the right place for you. 

How important is it to have healthy sperm?

Sperm count isn’t the only thing that matters when a couple attempts to conceive. One additionally needs high-quality sperm with optimal motility and shape. The reproductive health of a male is determined by the health or quality of individual sperm, the amount of sperm in the semen, and the volume of the overall sperm.

A few research studies have highlighted that the sperm quality of men is on the decline. Specialists aren’t totally certain about why this is occurring, however, the way of life and sustenance might be responsible for this degradation. 

The success rate of fertility treatment and pregnancy with a low sperm count will vary depending on the couples’ individual wellbeing. In case one wishes to start a family, there are numerous options at their disposal. However, the initial step is consulting a specialist who can assist with evaluating sperm count and other parameters prior to commencing any treatment for your future, and Grace Fertility, one of the best centers for semen analysis test Gurgaon can offer, is just the right place for you. 

sperm analysis test in gurgaon
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