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Is IVF Painful? Should Pain be a Matter of Concern When Going for IVF Treatment

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Dr. Reubina Singh

Dr. Reubina Singh

MS (OB/GYN), MBBS - Senior Infertility Specialist

Is IVF Painful

IVF Treatment is one of the most popular infertility treatments. With expert doctors, embryologists, medical staff, state-of-the-art labs, advanced technology, and additional treatments, the success rates of IVF have become higher than earlier. This makes it one of the most sought-after treatments for people who have fertility issues. 

However, IVF is a procedure you need to prepare for emotionally, physically, and financially. A lot of people research about IVF before they visit their infertility doctor, and a common question they have is “is IVF painful?”.  This is a very valid question, and it is important to understand what happens in IVF to answer this adequately. Knowing if IVF is a painful procedure helps people prepare for IVF emotionally & mentally so that they have correct expectations with the treatment. To know if IVF is painful, read on. 

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Is IVF Procedure Painful?

Is IVF Procedure Painful

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization involves multiple steps – Stimulation, Egg Retrieval, Insemination, Egg Culture, and Egg Transfer. We have explained these steps in detail in this blog post.

Out of these procedures, we will talk about Ovarian Stimulation, Egg Retrieval, and Egg Transfer in this blog post as they are the processes where people can experience some pain or discomfort. 

In Ovarian Stimulation, the ovaries are stimulated using hormones to produce more than one egg. This increases the number of eggs available for fertilization and thereby increases the chances of success in IVF treatment. You may think – are IVF injections painful? The answer is some patients may find taking injections uncomfortable or painful. These injections are usually self-administered by the patient, but if you’re scared of injections, you can ask your doctor if a nurse may administer them instead. Your comfort level with needles would determine if you find Ovarian stimulation comfortable. Additionally, you may experience some cramps, which are similar in intensity to period cramps. Your doctor can recommend medications or remedies which would reduce the pain associated with this step. 

Egg retrieval is the process by which these eggs are extracted from the woman’s ovaries. This is an invasive process and is done after sedation. This ensures that the patient doesn’t feel pain during the egg retrieval procedure. If you’re wondering is IVF egg retrieval painful, this should answer your question. As you’ll be sedated for this procedure, you wouldn’t feel pain during egg retrieval. There may be cramping or discomfort similar to cramps in periods after egg retrieval. This can be managed with the same remedies that work with period cramps – such as with medications that your doctor prescribes. Always consult your doctor before you try to use remedies to reduce cramping and never take any medicines without consulting your doctor. 

Embryo Transfer involves placing the fertilized egg (That has been fertilized with the sperm in the lab) in the uterus. This is done with a small catheter that is passed through the cervix into the uterine cavity. Some people say it feels like mild discomfort, and others may find the pressure from the catheter used in this procedure slightly painful. 

Some people may find certain steps bearable, which can be painful for others. You must discuss your concerns with your doctor, instead of googling about infertility all the time. Your doctor may provide you with medications that can relax you and make IVF steps a lot more comfortable

Which is More Painful IUI Or IVF

Which is More Painful IUI or IVF

IUI stands for Intrauterine Insemination and involves placing the sperm directly in the uterine cavity. The sperm is placed in the uterine cavity using a small catheter. As the sperm bypass the vagina and cervix, the chances of them meeting the egg in the fallopian tube and fertilizing become a lot higher. IUI is a lot simpler than IVF. As it doesn’t involve egg retrieval or embryo transfer, making it less painful than IVF. The success rate of IVF per cycle is more than IUI per cycle, hence pain shouldn’t be a primary deciding factor when it comes to going for IVF or IUI. 

Is Period Painful After Failed IVF

Is Period Painful After IVF

IVF treatment involves hormonal medications which can alter your periods after the IVF cycle. In case of a failed IVF cycle, the periods may be heavier or have lumps or jelly-like clumps in them. If you experience heavy bleeding and pain in periods after IVF, immediately talk to your fertility expert about it. 

The Role of Fertility Experts in Making IVF Comfortable and Accessible 

Role of Fertility Experts in Making IVF Comfortable and Accessible

Fertility experts can support you during your IVF Journey. A good doctor would keep your interests, fears, and apprehensions at the core as they decide the correct treatment approach for you. Additionally, the expertise of the doctor can make many IVF steps simpler and more comfortable for the patient. 

It is also important to note that pregnancy, childbirth & postnatal period also comes with their own set of issues. Even people who conceive naturally would experience morning sickness, constipation & nausea during pregnancy, pain during childbirth, and recovery-related issues during the postnatal period. When planning for a baby, it is important to understand that these things would become a natural part of a journey to parenthood. Hence, feeling demotivated about IVF because of the possibility of pain isn’t the correct approach. Instead, speak with your doctor about how can you make your IVF treatment suitable for you. Your doctor can prescribe medications, suggest changes in treatment, and be supportive during treatment to make IVF suitable for you. 

Dr. Reubina of Grace Fertility ensures that her patients receive personalized care with individualized treatments, that are suitable for their case as one-size-fits-all isn’t the correct approach in Fertility Treatments. Grace Fertility has a team of doctors, embryologists, and healthcare staff, that make the patient their priority and provide compassionate care along with treatment. Grace Fertility makes IVF treatments accessible & empowering. They believe in providing affordable treatment while using advanced technologies & equipment, state-of-the-art labs, and the latest protocols. The transparency, ethics, and honesty that form a crucial aspect of treatment at Grace Fertility make it one of the most trusted fertility clinics in Delhi, Gurgaon and Jammu. To know more about it, book your first consultation with Grace Fertility and begin your journey to parenthood.

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